Glossary of Terms

COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT SERVICES - Services that have a direct impact on the ability of a family or individual to obtain and stay in either permanent housing or permanent supportive housing. These services include, but are not limited to time management, budgeting, parenting, food bank, clothing bank, alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous, individual support sessions, group support sessions, information and referral services to other support agencies. The goal of these services is to help families and individuals procure and maintain residential stability. Some of these services such as GED or Vocational/Technical education help clients increase their skill levels and therein the available income. With all of this assistance the individual or family is better able to grasp and take charge of their individual problems and possible solutions.

OUTREACH/INTAKE/ASSESSMENT - An X in this column indicates that the agency performs any one or all three of the aforementioned activities. Further, that they have community education and awareness activities that inform the citizenry of the services they provide, they have staff trained to assess client needs and secure the appropriate services and or the agency has residential services and can do an intake process so the individual or family in need will not spend the night on the street.

EMERGENCY SHELTER - A short term residential facility with staffing capabilities to do a needs assessment and intake 24 hrs. A day, 365 days a year for any member of the agencies target population (individual or family). Clients stay is limited to 45 days or less.

LONG TERM SHELTER - A facility that typically functions in the community as an emergency facility. The difference being that members of the target population may reside at this shelter for longer than the 45 days of an emergency facility but not as long as the 24 months of a transitional facility (residency is usually less than one (1) year). Comprehensive support services are provided at this facility as they are in any residential facility in Gary.

TRANSITIONAL SHELTER - A long term residential facility with 24 hr. staffing, capable of performing a needs assessment, intake and providing comprehensive shelter services. The goal of this component is to provide shelter and supportive services for a maximum of 24 months that facilitate the movement of homeless individuals and families to permanent housing with supportive services as needed.

PERMANENT HOUSING - Any safe, sanitary housing where residency is restricted only by the ability of the client to pay the rent and or abide by the signed lease agreement.

PERMANENT SUPPORTIVE HOUSING - Any safe, sanitary housing that includes supportive services, i.e. meals on wheels, individual or family counseling, continuing help with financial management etc., that help the individual or family remain viable in an independent setting where residency is restricted only the ability of the client to pay the rent and or abide by the signed lease agreement.

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