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Department of Environmental Affairs



The city Air Quality Ordinance established the original authority for this department.

At present, the staff of this department oversees 78 companies in the City that contribute to air pollution through any kind of emissions from fuel burning, processes that emit through a stack and the creation of fugitive dust from roadways. The city inspects these companies at least twice a year and charges an annual operations fee based on the amount of emissions.

The Department serves as an agent for the IDEM & US EPA on some air permits which require inspection and permit review. In total, the Department oversees 527 air permits, 296 from contractors operating within U.S. Steel. The IDEM handles U.S. Steel air permits operations.

Air enforcement is handled through the IDEM which may be supported with city inspection reports and monitoring information. Municipal enforcement of air violations such as open burning is done through Code Enforcement with reporting and inspection assistance from air inspectors who are not sworn officers. Air violations such as open burning, is illegal in the city of Gary.

Since the closing of the Gary sanitary landfill, the Environmental Affairs Department staff has been responsible for carrying out the 30-year post closure monitoring maintenance requirements established by the IDEM. The city was required to set up a 1.7 million dollar fund to cover a 30-year period. The monitoring and maintenance schedule requires weekly, monthly, and quarterly and yearly inspections and reports.

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