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Department of Environmental Affairs

Proposed Mission Statement

The Gary CARE Partnership mission is to engage Gary residents in a collaborative, community-based process to identify, prioritize, and create an action plan to address environmental health issues that affect our health, quality of life, and economic development.


The Gary CARE Partnership will use the Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Health* (PACE) framework to:

  • Assess Gary's cumulative environmental and toxic risks in terms of potential and know public health impacts; and
  • Identify existing environmental health impacts in the community using scientific information and community input; and
  • Identify broader community stresses which affect and interact with known environmental impacts; and
  • Lead the community-based effort to review and prioritize this information; and
  • Develop a community-based action plan for improving the environment and public health in Gary, Indiana and mobilizing the community to accomplish these goals.

Partner Responsibilities

  • Attend quarterly meetings of the entire Partnership to monitor and assess the progress of the Partnership's work so far, and to plan and participate in the implementation of each successive phase of the project; and
  • Facilitate and participate in community outreach projects; and
  • Facilitate public information campaigns about the Partnership and its work; and
  • Contribute to and facilitate information-gathering to achieve the goals of the Partnership; and
  • Contribute input, review, and adopt the action plan.

Partnership Tasks

The "tasks" of the Gary CARE Partnership are the practical steps that will be taken to implement and achieve the mission statement and goals of the project. Tasks will be updated each quarter to reflect the progress and new needs of the Partnership's work.

  1. Adopt a mission statement and goals for the Partnership to guide its work
  2. Create a core group/community assessment team from among the broader Partnership members to lead implementation of the activities identified and determined by the whole Partnership
  3. Discuss and define the scope of issues to be addressed by the assessment. Clarify the boundaries of the assessment, and create guidelines for what will and will not be considered part of "environmental health"
  4. Generate the environmental health issue list
  5. Analyze identified issues with system framework
  6. Develop appropriate community environmental health indicators
  7. Select Standards
  8. Create environmental health issues profiles
  9. Rank the environmental issues
  10. Set priorities for action
  11. Develop and action plan
  12. Evaluate progress and plan for the future

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