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Hiring Process

The Gary Fire Department is not currently accepting applications for employment for positions in the EMS Division. There is currently a number of applicants that began the testing process with applications filed prior to July 9, 2002 that are on an eligibility list. It is not anticipated that applications will be taken prior to the Summer of 2003. Once the dates for the application process are set, they will be posted on this page.

Minimum Requirements
The Gary Fire Department has established the following guidelines for screening applicants for open positions within the City of Gary, Fire Department, EMS Division. Candidates for employment must meet the following minimum requirements before being considered for employment.

  • 21 Years Old at time of Appointment
  • Valid Indiana Drivers License
  • Indiana Certification as EMT, Advanced EMT, Intermediate EMT or Paramedic
  • No prior felony convictions
  • Meets residency requirements for employment as established by the City of Gary Personnel Manual
  • Pass Pre-Employment Medical Screening
  • Illegal Drug Screening Examination
  • Successfully passes Written Examination, Practical Skills Evaluation and Physical Agility Tests as outlined below.

Written Examination
The written examination is a 150 question multiple choice test based upon the EMT Basic Curriculum. It is similar to examinations given by the Indiana State EMS Commission required for Certification. Click here for a 20 question sample test.

Practical Skills Evaluation
The Practical Skills Evaluation is identical to the Indiana EMS Commission Skills Evaluation. Pass/Fail criteria are also identical. Skill stations tested are as follows:

  • Airway, Oxygen and Ventilation Skills, Upper Airway Adjuncts and Suction
  • Bleeding Control/Shock Management
  • Cardiac Arrest Management/AED
  • Dual Lumen Airway Device
  • Immobilization Skills - Joint Injury
  • Immobilization Skills - Long Bone Injury
  • Immobilization Skills - Traction Splinting
  • Patient Assessment/Management - Medical
  • Patient Assessment/Management - Trauma
  • Spinal Immobilization - Supine Patient
  • Spinal Immobilization - Seated Patient

Physical Agility Examination
Candidates must complete all of the listed items within the time requirements to pass.

One Person CPR - Performed to American Heart Association Standards, for 10 Minutes, stopping only for required pulse checks.

Carry a loaded spine board (with 165 lb mannequin) down 1 flight of stairs, placing it on an ambulance stretcher. The candidate will then carry the stretcher with mannequin down an additional flight of stairs. Following a 15 second rest, the candidate up will carry the stretcher and mannequin 50' and back on level ground. This evolution will be completed with a designated person (not an additional candidate) and must be completed within 3 minutes.

Carrying a Marquette 1500 Responder Defibrillator and a Plano Model 747 Drug Box up and back down three flights of stairs within 2 minutes. Unload and set a loaded ambulance stretcher (with 165 lb mannequin) onto its highest setting, then lower and reload into the ambulance within 60 seconds. (Ferno-Washington Model 30 or equivalent) Complete a 1-Mile Walk/Run within 12 Minutes.

Note: Requirements are listed here for informational purposes only and are subject to change. For more information, please contact the Director of EMS.

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