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Fire Suppression and Rescue

The Gary Fire Departments division of Fire Suppression and Rescue is the primary response agency in the City of Gary to respond to Fires, Hazardous Materials Incidents, Rescue Situations and other emergencies. This division is divided into three shifts (or turns) that each work a 24 hour tour of duty. Upon completing that tour of duty, each turn is off for 48 hours, while the other two turns each complete their tour of duty. In 2002 the Fire Suppression and Rescue division responded to 9,616 calls for help form the citizens of Gary.

Each Turn is commanded by a Division Chief. Each Division Chief is responsible for administration and daily operations during his tour of duty. Reporting directly to each Division Chief are 4 Battalion Chiefs. A Battalion usually has 3 Engines and 1 Truck company assigned to it. In addition the Squad and Tanker respond city-wide as needed.

Operating on each turn along with the Division Chief and Battalion Chiefs are 12 Engine Companies, Four Truck Companies, one Rescue Company and one Water Tanker. These companies are staffed by certified firefighters, Haz/Mat Technicians, Rescue Divers, Confined Space Rescue Specialists, and EMT's.

Along with Fire Suppression personnel that protect the City of Gary, there is also a fully staffed and certified fire station at the Gary/Chicago Airport (Station #14) on the cities west side. The Airport Fire and rescue crews are the responsibilities of Assistant Chief Charles Hines and are under the training direction of Captain Otis Mathews. The Airport crews consist of 21 firefighters, a Training Officer, an Assistant Chief and Three CFR units also staffed on a three turn rotation (24 hours on-48 hours off duty).

All of the Airport Personnel are certified through the FAA and FBI as Airport Firefighters.

Depending on the emergency, the normal run procedure for a fire response is two Fire Engines, one Truck Company, one Rescue Squad, and a Battalion Chief. Depending if the fire is reported in an apartment complex or a business, the initial alarm will be upgraded to a Box Alarm in which another Engine, Truck, and Chief will also respond. The Gary Fire Department Alarms range from a Still Alarm (normal Initial Fire Response) to a General Alarm where Mutual Aid from surrounding areas are called and a call-back of off-duty personnel.

The following is the Organizational structure for each of the three divisions for the Gary Fire Department and the personnel that staff these positions:

Division Assistant Chief
Battalion 4 Chief
Stations 4, 2, 12
Battalion 7 Chief
Stations 1, 7, 11, 12
Battalion 8 Chief
Stations 3, 8, 9, 13
Battalion 10 Chief
Stations 5, 10

Division 1 Assistant Chief James Stanton
Battalion 4 Chief Robert Groszewski
Battalion 7 Chief Mark Jones
Battalion 8 Chief McClinton Pritchett
Battalion 10 Chief Donald Williamson

Division 2 Assistant Chief Cary Darnell
Battalion 4 Chief James Delgado
Battalion 7 Chief Dorwine Roberts
Battalion 8 Chief Marlon Coutee
Battalion 10 Chief Everett Lenoir

Division 3 Assistant Chief Theodore Williams
Battalion 4 Chief Robert Freeman
Battalion 7 Chief Freddrick Gilmore
Battalion 8 Chief Evin Joseph Eakins
Battalion 10 Chief Lamont LaBroi

In 2007 total runs for Fire was 6,888.

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