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Building Department

The Building Department is responsible for ensuring public safety, health and welfare through enforcement of codes that regulate building design, construction, maintenance, repair, removal, demolition and occupancy.

Functions of the Building Department

Operations of the Department include permits and inspections.

Services include technical assistance on code matters, review of plans and construction documents for code compliance, issuing of building permits and monitoring of progress on approved work.

Permits are required for all new construction, alterations and some repairs. Permits also are required for installation of electrical and plumbing fixtures. Permit fees are based on the value of the work done.


Rental Registration Information

In review of the Gary Building Department’s Rental Property Non-Compliance Notice mailed during the months of July and August, a numerical error was discovered in section two (2) of the notice.  The fee for Rental Property Registration is five dollars; $5.00 (not $75.00) per rental unit payable each year.  Please note: All applicable late fees will be assessed.

Language in section 2 is amended below.

Rental property owners, who fail to register rental property/properties by the March 31 deadline or any extended deadline, are subject to a one-hundred seventy-five dollar; $175.00 late fee; assessed for each rental property not registered in addition to the required annual $5.00 fee.

The Gary Common Council passed C.P.O 2012-79, an ordinance establishing minimum standards and a registration/inspection program for residential rental housing units within the City of Gary.  All registration/renewals are due between January 1 and March 31 of each year.

Failure to comply with the ordinance may also result in fines starting at $250.00.

Building Department (219) 881-1377 | 401 Broadway, Room 307 | Gary, Indiana 46402

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