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. Equal Opportunity is the Law


Indiana Civil Rights Laws state that it is the public policy of the State of Indiana to provide all of its citizens equal opportunity and that it is unlawful to discriminate in areas of EMPLOYMENT, REAL PROPERTY, EDUCATION, PUBLIC ACCOMMODATION or CREDIT on the basis of RACE, RELIGION, COLOR, SEX, DISABILITY, NATIONAL ORIGIN, ANCESTRY, FAMILIAL STATUS (FAMILIAL STATUS ONLY APPLIES TO HOUSING).


Employers of six (6) or more persons; The State of Indiana an any of its political or civic subdivisions; Unions and other labor organizations; and Employment agencies.

Real Property:

All real property rented or sold with or without a real estate broker. All apartments. All individual single family homes sold or rented directly by an individual owner. WHO IS COVERED BY THE LAW: Advertising Media, Apartment Agents and Mangers, Banks, Savings and Loan Associations, Mortgage Lenders or other Financial Institutions, Contractors, Developers, Home Builders, Individual Home Owners, Landlords, Landowners, Rental Agents, Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons. It is unlawful to --

Represent that real property is not available for inspection, sale, or rent when in fact it is. Discriminate in the terms or conditions of sale or rental agreements. Refuse to receive or transmit all offers to purchase or rent.

Public Accommodations/Credit & Education:

Any establishment which caters or offers its services, facilities, or goods to the general public.

Filing Complaints with the Civil Rights Commission:

All complaints may be filed by either personal delivery, mail or fax to the agency's office. The Commissioner's staff can provide assistance in drafting and filing the complaint. A complaint alleging discrimination in employment, public accommodations & credit must be filed within 180 days from the date of the alleged discriminatory act or practice. A complaint alleging discriminatory housing must be files within one (1) year after the alleged discrimination has occurred or terminated. A housing complaint also must be in writing and verified.

Persons found to have committed illegal discriminatory acts may be subject to cease and desist orders, monetary damages, and other appropriate remedial relief.

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