It is the mission of the Gary Planning Department to elevate the level of civic pride within the City of Gary by providing its citizens with innovative and comprehensive master planning on a scale ranging from local neighborhoods to the entire city. The Gary Planning Department will accomplish this mission by producing graphs, maps, plans and models that clearly convey the needed ideas and direction. With the support of all who stand to gain from this methodology, implementation will be successful.

Community Planning Support

A perfect phrase for the art and science of city planning can be found on literature from the American Planning Association: "making great communities happen." Great cities are not grown haphazardly, and without purpose or form in mind; there is a method to the proverbial madness. The Planning Support team Gary Department of Planning is charged with two tasks, striving to make Gary an even greater community by:

  • creating a vision for the overall Gary community, and the distinct, vibrant neighborhoods within it, and

  • creating and exploring ways to realize that vision.

  • Both functions are performed with residents and organizations as partners in the process.

Design Support

The Design Support team in the Gary Department of Planning is charged with helping the staff, other city departments, and civic organizations with realizing how their projects relate to the City's development, and how the City's development relates to the citizenry.

This team is made up of mapping and architectural specialists with a keen eye on how planning information is optimally presented. The team's talents are available to community organizations (please see contact page by clicking here)

Division of Zoning

Every piece of land in the City of Gary is zoned. Zoning disposes what types of uses are allowable for that property, and is based on what is proposed by the City's master plan. Through zoning, the department is able to serve the community by:

  • protecting against land use hazards in the interest of public safety;

  • providing for the needs of industry business and residences for future growth;

  • controlling the use of land to prevent adverse effects to neighboring properties;

  • prohibiting uses, buildings, or structures which are incompatible with the character of development or the uses allowed within specific zoning districts;

  • preventing the overcrowding of land and undue concentration of structures;

  • conserving the taxable value of land and buildings in the city; and

  • providing for the gradual elimination of nonconforming uses of land, buildings and structures.

Please contact the Zoning Administrator for zoning and land use information at (219) 881-1332.

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